Standing up to the black market and safeguarding a smoke-free future

JANUARY 26, 2022

The fight against illicit trade continues unabated in 2022. As we begin another year, many of the challenges surrounding this global problem remain as troubling as ever. 

Illicit trade continues to deprive governments of revenue that could go toward critical infrastructure, schools, and hospitals. Criminal networks smuggle illegal goods across borders, establish illegal operations in poorly monitored zones, and disrupt legitimate businesses. This harms consumers and destabilizes communities and countries around the world.

PMI’s Vice President of Illicit Trade Prevention, Alvise Giustiniani, has been at the forefront of our efforts to combat illicit trade. 

“Philip Morris International has been actively fighting illicit trade for many years,” says Giustiniani. “Can we afford not to fight illicit trade? If we want to achieve a smoke-free future, we need to eliminate the black market. Our job and mission to eliminate illicit trade is more important now than ever.” 

Watch the full video below to hear about the effects of illicit trade and what PMI is doing to help stamp it out. This includes the PMI IMPACT initiative, public-private partnerships to fight criminal networks, and PMI’s mission to deliver a smoke-free future.

Standing up to the black market and safeguarding a smoke-free future



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