Unsmoke Your Mind

Smoke-free alternatives have a role to play in public health. While it’s best to quit cigarettes or never start smoking, smokers who don’t quit have a right to choose better alternatives. Society needs the right regulation to support those better choices.

PMI employees working for a smoke-free future

Time for conversations: What can we achieve together?


Diversity Driving Change

Creating a more diverse and gender-balanced organization builds the foundation of a truly inclusive workplace – one that is more human and better reflects the full range of the world’s diversity.

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Open Mic

Philip Morris International wants to open up conversations. Our "Open Mic" stage allows us to foster civilized debate around the world.


Cannes Lions 2019

Philip Morris International went to Cannes to open up debates and listen to the responses.


What does community mean to you?

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Engaging society

PMI wants to start conversations and put adult smokers at the center of the discussion. Find out more about how we are trying to unsmoke the world.