Choice is key to helping every adult smoker quit cigarettes

For society’s vision of a smoke-free future to become a reality, we understand the imperative need to provide a diversity of better alternatives that meet the taste, usage, technology, and price preferences of all adult smokers who would otherwise continue to smoke.

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Our multicategory approach
PMI's smoke-free alternatives

What are smoke-free alternatives


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PMI’s smoke-free progress in numbers

In 2016, we announced our commitment to delivering a smoke-free future. Chart our smoke-free success with these key figures from our latest results.

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Our multicategory approach
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Explore the smoke-free categories offering adults who don’t quit cigarettes a better alternative

We’re growing our portfolio of smoke-free products to provide every type of adult smoker with better options. So, what are these smoke-free categories and how do they differ?
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Our commitment to preventing youth use of our smoke-free products

To achieve PMI’s vision of a smoke-free future, it is imperative that our smoke-free products are only used by adults who would otherwise continue to smoke—and no one else. Here is what we are doing to prevent unintended use by minors.

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