Our vision: offering smokers a better choice

We are making this truly ambitious vision a reality. By developing smoke-free products that deliver nicotine without the harmful smoke of cigarettes, we're offering current smokers better alternatives to continued smoking.

USD 6 billion

R&D investment

We want to switch hundreds of millions of current adult smokers to smoke-free products as quickly as possible. Our challenge is twofold: to create breakthrough products that are better alternatives to continued smoking, and that adult consumers find satisfying. Since 2008, we've invested over USD 6 billion, employing more than 400 world-class scientists, engineers, and technicians. To date, around eight million smokers had switched to the first of our smoke-free products. These new products are only intended for adult smokers and not for those who have never smoked or are former smokers.

A Common-Sense Approach

Over a billion people will smoke in 2025 according to the World Health Organization, despite campaigns to quit. While there is no substitute for quitting, we believe we can have a big impact on public health by offering these smokers better and satisfying alternatives.

The Problem of Burning

What happens when you light a cigarette? Burning tobacco creates a vast majority of harmful chemicals. Find out why.

The Role of Nicotine

Many people assume that it's the nicotine that makes smoking harmful. While addictive, it's not the main cause of smoking-related diseases.

Demand for Less Harmful Alternatives

Adult smokers worldwide are looking for better alternatives to cigarettes.

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Breakthrough Products for Smokers

Our innovative smoke-free products use technologies that produce a flavorful and satisfying nicotine-containing vapor - without burning or combustion. Our current smoke-free portfolio contains four products: two that heat tobacco to produce a vapor, and two that produce a nicotine-containing vapor without tobacco.

Heated Tobacco Products

Heating tobacco to release flavors and nicotine while eliminating combustion.

Products Without Tobacco

Developing breakthrough products that generate a vapor from nicotine

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Robust Science and Rigorous Testing

We set ourselves high standards when it comes to our research and apply the same scientific methods you would expect to find at leading pharmaceutical companies. We present at scientific conferences, and publish our findings in peer-reviewed journals and on our PMIScience website. All our clinical studies are registered on

Assessing Risk-Reduction

Conducting a rigorous step-by-step scientific assessment program

Our Findings to Date

What are our scientific studies saying about our breakthrough products?

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