Studies are well advanced and the results are encouraging

What is the science telling us?

Our studies on our most advanced smoke-free alternative product, the Tobacco Heating System (THS),1 are progressing rapidly. PMI’s studies support the following for the THS (when used as intended):

  • It generates no combustion and no smoke.
  • According to laboratory tests, its aerosol has significantly lower levels of harmful and potentially harmful constituents (HPHCs) and is much less toxic than cigarette smoke. 
  • One 90-day study in the United States and one 90-day study in Japan reported that smokers who switched completely to the THS reduced their exposure to selected HPHCs (based on the measurements of biomarkers of exposure). These levels of reduced exposure approached those observed in people who quit smoking for the duration of the studies. 
  • According to air-quality tests, the aerosol does not negatively impact indoor-air quality.
  • Our research shows negligible interest in the THS among people who have never smoked or who have quit smoking and substantial potential for full switching among adult smokers. 

The studies to date indicate that the THS has the potential to present less risk of harm compared to continued smoking for adult smokers who switch to it completely. 

PMI has filed a Modified Risk Tobacco Product Application (MRTPA) for the THS with the U.S. FDA, but the U.S. FDA has not yet reviewed, nor reached any conclusions about our data. The THS is not for sale in the United States.


1 Outside the United States, the THS is marketed as IQOS

Results to date give us confidence that we are on course with our plans to demonstrate that THS is a less harmful alternative for smokers who switch.
  • Manuel Peitsch, Chief Scientific Officer, Philip Morris International

For a full description of our study results, visit and read our Scientific Update.


What steps are we taking to independently verify our scientific data?

We are committed to seeking independent verification of the scientific data we have generated on our RRPs.* There are several components to this verification:

  • Published over 200 peer-reviewed articles in the last five years
  • Conducting an in-depth analysis of study reports by independent experts
  • Developed the platform. sbvIMPROVER is a methodology applied through crowd-sourcing, which enables the verification of research methods and study results
Independent verification of scientific data

* Reduced-risk products (RRPs) is the term we use to refer to products that present, are likely to present, or have the potential to present less risk of harm to smokers who switch to these products versus continued smoking. We have a range of RRPs in various stages of development, scientific assessment and commercialization. Because our RRPs do not burn tobacco, they produce far lower quantities of harmful and potentially harmful compounds than found in cigarette smoke.

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