Good Agricultural Practices

Sustainable farming, better opportunities for farmers, fighting to end child labor

Good agricultural practices

Sustainability and profitability go hand-in-hand on the farm

Since 2002, we have adopted and continually developed a Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) program, which defines the principles and standards we expect to be met by all those who grow and supply tobacco for PMI. These principles and standards focus on three areas: how to improve working conditions on the farm, how to address the impact of tobacco farming on the environment, and how to make tobacco farming profitable and sustainable

Sustainability and profitability go hand-in-hand on the farm
Video February 14, 2019

Agricultural Diversification in Malawi

Among the companies we studied, Philip Morris International appears to have taken the greatest number of steps to be transparent about its human-rights policies and monitoring procedures, including by publishing on its website its own progress reports as well as several detailed reports by third-party monitors.
  • Human Rights Watch Report, 2016
Global Partnerships

We Don’t Do It Alone

We partner with others to make a lasting impact.

No single company can address the range of human-rights issues faced by so many farming communities around the world, but by collaborating with NGOs and local communities, we can help protect the lives of those most in danger of exploitation.