PMI's Vision For A Smoke-free Future (Without Cigarettes)


A view from inside The Cube, PMI’s research and development facility in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

PMI's Vision For A Smoke-free Future (Without Cigarettes)


This company is about the progress.


This company wants to change the world.


If we can get there, this is going to be phenomenal.



This company has had the courage,


the visionary leadership,


to establish a new direction, to disrupt the category.


We are trying to disrupt our own industry.



I think it’s a unique challenge,


being part of a team that revolutionizes the industry.



The big aspirations address the problem of smoking,


going smoke-free,


over 50 percent of revenues in five years from now coming from this product.


This is very ambitious and that calls for a progress.


We’ve said yes to people when they want to ask us questions.


We’ve told them the truth when they’ve posed the questions.



If you compare it to many other industries


which also were going for some transformation driven by the product,


nobody is coming that close, as we are.

PMI's vision for a smoke-free future (without cigarettes)

12 Aug 2022 · 1:51 to watch

Why is one of the biggest tobacco companies in the world committed to delivering a future without cigarettes? Because it’s the right thing to do for our consumers, our shareholders, and society at large.

And, we believe adult smokers, who don’t quit cigarettes, should have access to better alternatives that have been scientifically substantiated to reduce harm, when compared to cigarettes.

The World Health Organization estimates there are approximately 1.1 billion smokers in the world todayand come 2025 that number will be roughly the same. 

Their best choice is, without a doubt, to quit tobacco and nicotine altogether. However, many don’t. 

Each year, more than nine in ten smokers continue smoking cigarettes.

Smoke-free products such as heated tobacco and e-cigarettes should be available to those smokers.

That’s why we’ve invested more than USD 9 billion (as of December 2021) on researching and developing smoke-free products thatwhilst not risk-freeare a much better choice for adults who would otherwise continue to smoke. 

As a company, we are transformingbut we cannot achieve a smoke-free future alone. 

We know we have a long road ahead of us to earn the trust and active cooperation needed to achieve this world-changing vision, and we’re working closely with scientists, governments and public health experts to make our vision a reality.



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