Meet the ‘Voices of Change’


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Meet the ‘Voices of Change’

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Words are seen on screen: How did you come up with Voices of Change?

Maryann Johnson-Hill, Director Industrialization PMI Operations, speaks to camera:

It really was an opportunistic sort of event

So Sylvia, Andreia and I we found during covid that we spent a lot of time discussing leadership packs, changes in behavior, and quite frankly we decided to leverage chaos theory,

We launched the initiative, got it past senior stakeholders and here we are today.

Words are seen on screen: What does change mean to you?

Silvia Andrade Edwards, Head of Global Planning, PMI, speaks to camera:

To me change is moving to something better, an improvement

Andreia Fontes, Director Printing & Converting, PMI, speaks to camera:

In a nutshell for me it's natural evolution.

Words are seen on screen: How did your work change during lockdown?

Andreia continues speaking:

The work as such has not changed.

What has changed is how we did the work, how we prioritized, how we pulled and used resources and find means to stay united, stay connected, work as a team despite the physical distance.

Words are seen on screen: What are the most desirable skills post-pandemic?

Maryann speaks to camera: Agility - mental and physical.

We realize how mental well-being is so important.

We've also realized that we need to keep physically active.

Silvia speaks to camera: Flexibility I would say would be very important to keep maneuvering around the hurdles with my face.

Andreia speaks to camera: Sharing as much as you can and communicate. I think it's very important as we're limited or constrained from being physically with each other.

Even if just to ask how are you doing? How are you feeling? I think people appreciate

which is linked with ultimately one of the key traits or skills or behaviors that you need to demonstrate during these unprecedented times, which is empathy.

Words are seen on screen: What role does empathy play in the post-Covid work environment?

Silvia speaks to camera: Oh empathy, I could simply talk about that forever. I think that runs another video so stay tuned.

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Meet the ‘Voices of Change’

11 Nov 2020 · 2:07 to watch
PMI leaders Maryann Johnson-Hill, Silvia Andrade Edwards and Andreia Fontes explain this content series providing guidance for business professionals during this challenging period.

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