The Importance of Taste



The Importance of Taste

Text on screen: We’re moving to a product that no longer burns tobacco

How can you transform a raw material into a product which is appreciated by consumers.

Obviously we had all that experience from cigarettes, but then moving to a product that was not burning anymore, then you have to start basically from scratch

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Text on screen: The Importance of taste

There are hundreds and hundreds of different tobaccos. These are the three main varieties we have in our conventional products.

We started off with what we thought was the best of the best. But even only at this variety level, we did not have all we need to create the rich sensory experience when we’re only heating the tobacco

So we went way further and looking into this yard tobacco and pipe tobacco, hundreds of them, to say ‘wait—there’s something out there and now we need to I understand how we can ,aster it.

Putting it in the right format allowed us to get much more efficient in heating the tobacco and finally getting very pleasure aerosol.

If we could have no more combustible cigarettes, I can take my retirement with pleasure.

“Ten years ago, I said, ‘One day people will be queuing up in the streets’.

Seeing that day come true brought tears to my eyes. Words cannot express how much it means to us.”

Jacques Zuber, Former Director, Technology and Product Development, Philip Morris International.

The importance of taste

01 Sep 2019 · 1:14 to watch
We’ve developed a product that no longer burns tobacco.