Voices of Inspiration aims to recognize, celebrate, and elevate the women of Philip Morris International (PMI), along with their male allies. Our Women’s Inspiration Network global employee resource group is inviting colleagues to nominate those who are an inspiration or advocate for women.

The campaign reflects our ongoing commitment to foster gender diversity, equality, and equity—which are key to unlocking the innovation PMI needs to deliver a smoke-free future.

International Women's Day 2024



International Women's Day 2024

Music plays

Mimi Kurniawan, Chief Diversity Officer, Philip Morris International speak to camera: “When we really open up ourselves to include everyone, no matter male or female, to come together, work together, we become stronger.

Martin Inkster, Director Philip Morris International Global Studio: “We need to be a company that appeals to and develops talent regardless of gender.”

Mimi: “In the celebration of International Women’s Day this year, we are asking employees to nominate any individual who is inspiring and a strong advocate that is supporting females.

Words appear on screen reading: PMI achieved its aspiration of 40 percent of women in management roles in 2022

and is now on track to achieve its ambition to have 35 percent of women in senior roles by 2025.

The words Women's Inspiration Network appears on screen.

Mimi continues talking to camera: “The WIN ERG is a safe place for all the females to come together, but more important, I would like to emphasize here, this is not exclusively for women.”

Martin: “I’m very proud of my role at WIN and we have many different activities, both at a global level, but equally at lots of market levels. And I find I learn a lot.”

Mimi: “It’s good for you to understand and listen and offer support.”

Martin: “For those who want to be allies or improve the way in which we can be advocates for women, I think there are a number of really simple ways.

“The first one is listening, and that’s not listening and letting it wash over you. That’s active listening.

“And I think that links really nicely to the next one: Advocate, amplify women in meetings and in work settings.

“Have the courage to call out bad behavior, poor language, clumsy expressions.

“It’s active allyship, and it means that we’re going to have more and more advocates for women at PMI going forward.”

Mimi: “We are all here having a role to play. Individually, it’s impossible. Collectively, we will make it happen.”

Music ends

Logo for Philip Morris International appear on screen along with words reading:

Voices of Inspiration




Meet the people fronting our Voices of Inspiration campaign


Chief Risk Assurance Officer
Lausanne, Switzerland

“I'm a strong believer that the more we learn from people of all genders and backgrounds, the more we will be inspired and the better we will become as leaders.”


Manager OPEN+
Batangas, Philippines

“In a male-dominated function, I’ve been lucky to rely on the strong support system I’ve had to guide my career. By paying it forward, I am helping others break down barriers and reach their goals.”


Head Risk & Controls
Otegen Batyr, Kazakhstan

“Everything is possible for inspired women. Every day is their day to prove it. And every day is my day to uplift and empower them in their personal and professional endeavors.”


Fraud Control Supervisor
Tokyo, Japan

“I encourage every woman and male ally to speak up and commit to action. Every action, no matter how big or small, will help us to achieve our collective vision. We can’t do it alone.”


Manager Commercial Area
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

“As a black woman, I’m acutely aware of the many cultural and social barriers that limit opportunities for women, especially those of color. My goal is to serve as an inspiration and a constant reminder that it IS possible.”


Commercial Strategy Manager
Dakar, Senegal

“Supporting my female colleagues will help to level the playing field and create a fair work environment where merit is recognized and rewarded, and innovation is unlocked.”


VP Global Technical Operations
Lausanne, Switzerland

“A company with equitable gender diversity will cultivate a happy workplace where everyone’s able to be at their best, enabling us to excel in innovation, improve productivity, make better decisions, and, ultimately, achieve our ambitions.”


Deployment Lead, Digital Engineering
Crespellano, Italy

“For me, being a woman in STEM means not only challenging the status quo but turning it into an opportunity. I see the possibility of shaping innovation with unique perspectives and revolutionary solutions.”