“How” is everything

At Philip Morris International (PMI) we are committed to a vision of a smoke-free future. We have chosen to transform our entire business. Join us as we ask: How can we make things better? How do we put consumers front and center? How can we evolve our portfolio for the long term—and accelerate the pace of meaningful and impactful change? 

Operations is where we really get to grips with these questions and work out how to deliver our strategic vision. As we are staking our future on replacing cigarettes with less harmful, science-based alternatives as soon as possible, we need to reengineer how we operate though new supply chains, new production lines, and new methods of distribution. Our Operations teams around the world make all of this happen. 


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Why choose us?

If you want to make a huge impact and propel your career forward, join us as we head toward a smoke-free and beyond-nicotine future.



Operations touches every part of our business.

Our mission is to produce and deliver products to our markets and into the hands of our consumers sustainably and efficiently.

In Operations, it is passion, determination, and a capacity for innovation that really count. Join any one of our ten global functions and you’ll be helping to shape an extraordinary new future for yourself and PMI.



Operations is the heart of our business, where consumer insight meets product design and operational excellence.

As we transition away from a cigarette company into a world-leading smoke-free business, Operations is where we decide how we’re building our future—to make an impact that will last for generations.



At PMI, we see diversity and inclusion as our greatest strength, and are focused on creating an environment where everyone can be their true selves at work .

We’re open to new ideas, and to working together to realize our bold ambition for a smoke-free world.

We value talent, expertise, and curiosity. We have media buyers working in Procurement, finance professionals in Manufacturing, and hospitality experts in our Supply Chain. We believe diversity is what sparks innovation and creativity.



You can look forward to rewards structured around where you are, what you’ve achieved, and what matters to you.

We all have different priorities. We believe excellence should be celebrated and rewarded, whatever you want—whether you're looking for competitive pay and benefits, the flexibility to balance your career and family life, or to work in a diverse environment. That's why our reward programs recognize those employees who have truly made a difference.



We are driving employee-centricity, flexibility, and diversity across our global workforce.

PMI has introduced a new forward-looking hybrid model of work, known as “SMART WORK.” A voluntary program for eligible employees, it gives you the option to combine remote and office-based work, offering greater flexibility over where and when work is done.



Our online learning and development platform gives all employees the opportunity to advance their skills, at any time.

With the Lifelong Learning Program, you can access online training courses and certifications from some of the world's top universities, learning institutions, and subject matter experts. We've also partnered with language experts Rosetta Stone. Everyone at PMI can access unlimited and immersive training to take their career to the next level.





Our latest global job opportunities

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