Demonstrating our commitment to being a Top Employer

Our organization underwent a comprehensive evaluation process. Firstly, we were evaluated by the HR Best Practices Survey, covering six key domains:

Steer: Business strategy, people strategy, and leadership

Shape: Organization and change, digital HR, and work environment

Attract: Employer branding, talent acquisition, and on-boarding

Develop: Performance, career, and learning

Engage: Well-being, engagement, rewards and recognition, and off-boarding

Unite: Purpose and values, ethics and integrity, diversity and inclusion, and sustainability


The people behind the certification

Success is a journey powered by people. Behind the global certification, it's the dedication and expertise of our teams that propel the company to new heights and help us make history.

Our people are the anchor of our achievements. They are the Top Employees.

Global Top Employer


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Fostering an inclusive culture where we are stronger together

The certification reflects a commitment to fostering an environment conducive to employee growth and success. Fostering workplace inclusion and belongingness is not just a matter of ethical responsibility; it's a strategic approach that positively impacts employee satisfaction, innovation, talent attraction, and retention.

One example of our work in the “Unite” dimension outlined by the Top Employers Institute is our commitment to building an inclusive culture and workplace reflective of the world’s diversity.

Take a look at how we supported pioneering academic research in 2022, as part of our Inclusive Future initiative , which looked at how businesses can better measure inclusion.

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