Fostering a culture of workplace inclusion and belongingness

Pioneering academic research, which forms part of PMI’s Inclusive Future initiative, has revealed how businesses can better measure inclusion—with the aim of establishing an equal environment enabling all employees to be their best, true selves at work.

Conducted independently by the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) and sponsored by PMI, this rigorous academic study explores the methods organizations can adopt to drive lasting cultural change.

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Inclusive Future: The importance of measuring progress

Never before has the need to establish inclusion, equality, and belongingness at the heart of society felt more urgent.

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Inclusive Future research reveals how businesses can drive workplace inclusion and equality

The important findings emerge as more than 50 percent of workers in an international survey say they’ve felt excluded in their current or former place of work.

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The IMD’s Inclusive Future research

IMD’s extensive three-part analysis examines a broad range of qualitative and quantitative approaches and practices that organizations can implement to cultivate a more inclusive workplace.

The report highlights the need for a comprehensive exploration of the six key dimensions of inclusion: psychological safety, uniqueness, fairness, participation, belonging, and authenticity. 

At PMI, we will use the findings to help us further establish inclusion at the core of our business—which is key to unlocking the innovation, creativity, and solutions required to deliver a smoke-free future.


Click on the images below to download the summary and report parts.

Executive summary

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Measuring Inclusion: A Conversation with Silke Muenster and Alexander Fleischmann

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