PMI IMPACT Expert Council on fighting illicit trade

04 Sep 2022
Our global initiative has the privilege of having an Expert Council, whose members have extensive experience in law and combatting corruption, organized crime, and illicit trade practices.
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PMI IMPACT helps facilitate anti-illicit trade projects all over the world, recognizing that the solution to this problem lies in effective collaboration between the private and public sectors. Projects submitted for PMI IMPACT funding are closely evaluated by our Expert Council, with those selected awarded grants to carry out their proposals.

Watch the video below to hear the Expert Council discuss the critical work being undertaken to prevent and eradicate illicit trade. They also touch on the challenges ahead, and how this pervasive problem affects many facets of society.


The Expert Council of PMI IMPACT


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PMI IMPACT’s third funding round

In June 2021, PMI IMPACT announced the launch of its third funding round. The program, which closed its call for applications on August 15, 2022, received project proposals from public, private, and non-profit organizations, including governmental and international organizations, and academic institutions.

To find out more about the third round of funding, click here.


PMI IMPACT has put forward USD 100 million to fund and support a broad range of initiatives and projects designed to tackle illegal trade. The initiative enables public-private collaboration and aims to achieve long-term, sustainable results.

Since launching in 2016, PMI IMPACT has selected 67 projects to finance. It has allocated close to USD 50 million across 33 different countries.

In the first and second funding rounds, the initiative supported organizations working in several different areas, such as enhancing knowledge on illegal trade, engaging in awareness and capacity-building initiatives, and developing technological solutions.

We can’t afford to ignore the issue of illicit trade. We all have a responsibility to tackle this global problem head on.

PMI is leading a transformation in the tobacco industry to create a smoke-free future and ultimately replace cigarettes with smoke-free products. Our illicit trade preventions efforts, including collaboration with partners across the world, is a crucial part of this transformation.

“There is no silver bullet,” said Giustiniani. “The issue of illicit trade is very complex and needs a comprehensive solution. But I’m a strong believer in public-private partnerships, and in technology, which brings transparency. Organized crime does not like that. It wants to operate in the darkness.”

Ultimately, he added, it comes down to people. “You need people with the right initiatives and commitment, in the public, private and NGO sectors. People with a passion to relentlessly continue the fight against illicit trade. The key component is always going to be people.” 

Watch the panel discussion online here.