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#ItsTime to Unsmoke

We’re saying it’s time to make the world smoke-free. But why now?

Do people deserve better access to information? People from all over the world tell us what they think in New York. Find out in the video below.

Video September 17, 2019

Do you think access to information is a basic human right?

Why now is the time to act

It's time to start a conversation. With more than one billion smokers worldwide, smoking is a global health problem, but although the risks of smoking are well known, the World Health Organization predicts there will still be more than one billion smokers in 2025. It's time to have a different conversation to address this issue. So let's talk.

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Discover the science behind our smoke-free future

Video September 06, 2019

Using science and innovation to solve the burning problem

Video September 06, 2019

Meet the team driving innovation



The science behind PMI's transformation

We’ve invested over $6 billion in research and development since 2008, employed hundreds of world-class scientists and created a range of acceptable alternative products that, unlike combustible cigarettes, do not generate smoke. 
The totality of the scientific evidence supports the view that smoke-free alternatives, while not risk free and addictive, are a better choice for adults smokers compared to continued smoking. There is a lot to talk about, it’s time to talk.



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