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#ItsTime is an initiative from Philip Morris International to advocate for change in public health and move beyond ideological fights.

We are reaching out to regulators, public health experts and agents of change in order to focus on what really matters: supporting the 1 billion men and women who smoke, and improving public health more rapidly by leveraging technology, science and innovation.

Currently, there are over 1 billion smokers worldwide, and this number will not decline in the next few years according to the World Health Organization’s estimates. That number is too high and needs to change.

We believe adult smokers deserve access to, and information about, less harmful smoke-free alternatives to continued smoking that are backed by solid science, so they can make their own choice.



It's time to...

Join the Conversation

450 scientists and engineers



We employ world-class scientists and engineers from 40 different parts of the world

Listen to Each Other 

> 340 publications


peer-reviewed publications since 2008






21 years


spent researching our smoke-free alternatives to continued smoking

Have Options

USD 6 billion


invested in research and development


> 1 billion


smokers in 2025 according to WHO estimates


It's Time to Act

It's Time for a change in public health. It's Time to leave cigarettes behind and encourage the adult men and women who don't quit to completely adopt smoke-free alternatives. It's Time for a change in tobacco regulation so that they can choose better alternatives. It's Time to Unsmoke.


It's time uncovered

Why is this campaign called It's Time? How does it relate to other PMI campaigns like Unsmoke Your World? And why did PMI launch it at the Wall Street Journal Future Of Everything Festival in New York City on May 20, 2019? Moira Gilchrist, PMI’s Vice President of Strategic and Scientific Communications, answers questions about the It’s Time campaign and why now is the time to have a conversation.



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