Creating Less Harmful Alternatives to Smoking

Developing breakthrough products that could one day replace cigarettes

A cigarette burns (combusts) shredded tobacco leaves to generate smoke. That smoke contains nicotine, which occurs naturally in tobacco, as well as many harmful chemicals. It is these harmful chemicals – not the nicotine – in cigarette smoke that are the primary cause of smoking-related diseases

We are developing alternatives to smoking. These products do not contain smoke, but do have the nicotine and taste that can satisfy existing smokers. We’ve focused on two ways to do that, both of which eliminate the burning (combustion) of tobacco. The first is to heat tobacco to generate a flavorful nicotine-containing vapor while significantly reducing the levels of harmful chemicals in the vapor. The other way is to produce a nicotine-containing vapor (without using tobacco), which is satisfying to smokers. 

Our new product portfolio features a range of nicotine-containing alternatives without the smoke. And this is just the beginning.


Heated Tobacco Products

Through intensive research and development, we have managed to create two breakthrough heated tobacco products, each of which heats the tobacco in a distinct way. 

One product uses an electronically controlled heater, and the other uses a carbon heat source.

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Products without Tobacco

We are also developing two product platforms that contain nicotine but not tobacco. Instead of heating tobacco to release tobacco flavors and nicotine, 

both of these platforms use nicotine that is extracted from tobacco leaves. These tobacco-free products produce a nicotine-containing vapor in distinctly different ways. 

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