The greatest gift for Valentine’s Day: Why I quit smoking for my partner

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PMI took to the streets of London to talk to former smokers who quit for love.
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This Valentine’s Day, millions of men and women around the world will be celebrating their relationship in many different ways.

Some may treat their partner to dinner at a restaurant, or buy them flowers or a box of chocolates, while others will show their love by making a big lifestyle choice.

People might quit smoking for a variety of reasons, but it appears that love is a big incentive for many.

Ahead of Valentine’s Day, we went out on the streets of London to speak to former smokers who quit to please their partners.

Stop in the name of love! Why I quit smoking for my partner


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The decision to quit tobacco and nicotine altogether is not only the best decision for their health, but those questioned admitted it also improved their relationship.

One woman told us, “I quit smoking for my partner, because he constantly moaned at me for it.”

Another woman was persuaded to give up after her partner told her how much he hated smoking. She revealed they both benefitted from her decision to quit.

“I gave up smoking for my partner,” she explained, “because it’s something he hates the most and it was a bad period for me. I think he kind of helped me to feel better, so it’s like a gift to thank him.”

Another former smoker admitted that one incentive was that he’d be able to spend more time with his partner, as he would no longer need to take cigarette breaks.

“I quit smoking because I love my partner and I want to spend more time with her,” he admitted. “So, that’s the main reason.”

His girlfriend then interjected with another reason: “And not to be smelly,” prompting him to smile in agreement, “Of course.”

As these former smokers can attest, the decision to quit smoking not only benefitted their health, but also improved their relationship.

All the former smokers questioned gave up tobacco and nicotine completely. The participants in this video were not paid and the views expressed are their own.

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