Davide quit for a better lifestyle



Davide quit for a better lifestyle

You really need to find why do you wanna smoke, why are you smoking?

Do you really need that? Do you really wanna stop smoking?

My name is Davide Mantovani.

I'm 36, I'm from Italy. I'm an artist and I've been in London for four years.

So basically I unsmoked just before moving to London.

Back then I was mainly working on architecture and I was very stressed as well.

I always fell into the habit of smoking too much: a fake solution.

Like what you really need is a better lifestyle.

After two weeks, I hadn't been smoking because of a throat ache I had, so I couldn't smoke.

So when it was like the first time I could actually smoke a cigarette and I had the instinct, I thought okay do I really need this?

Maybe this is the best time just to quit.

This is a good chance before I start again.

So the need for for a cigarette was not as strong as it used to be.

When I take a challenge I really want to get through it.

I don't give up. I don't like to give up in general so I just threw the box away and didn't smoke again.

The rational realization that is best for me is now stronger than the irrational need for smoking.

Words appear on screen, reading:

Davide quit smoking cigarettes and nicotine altogether.


Be inspired by those who quit cigarettes: Davide quit for a better lifestyle

01 Sep 2019 · 1:18 to watch

"The rational realization that it's bad for me is now stronger than the irrational need for smoking."


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