It's time to rethink PMI


Marian Salzman from Philip Morris International

It's time to rethink PMI

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End smoking by starting a conversation.

Philip Morris International calls on the world’s leaders to join.

Marian Salzman, Senior VP Global Communciations*, Philip Morris International speaks: The decision for PMI to come to Davos this year to me is completely consistent with our emotional and practical recognition. To me is completely consistent with our emotional and practical recognition.

It’s time for us to rejoin civil and civilized society.

And Davos is one of those forums where you don’t go to agree, but you go to learn and share and dialogue with people, many of whom you hopefully do agree with, but many of whom don’t agree with you.

But whom you can leave feeling more respectful about the decisions and choices they’ve made, at a time when we are trying to introduce a brave new way for people to make better choices, in and around the tobacco space.

The most important thing other people could take away from meeting us at Davos, I think, is wow, I need to give a rethink to what I think about Philip Morris International.

That’s all I’m asking people to do – give a rethink.

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Support the vision for a smoke-free future.

It's time to rethink PMI

01 Sep 2019 · 1:07 to watch
Marian Salzman, VP, Global Communications*, on why PMI wants a dialogue with those who may not agree with them.
* On January 1, 2024, Marian Salzman was appointed Senior Vice President & Chief Corporate Citizenship Officer.

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