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MAKE HISTORY WITH US! At PMI, we’ve chosen to do something incredible. We’re totally transforming our business and building our future on smoke-free products with the power to deliver a smoke-free future. With huge change, comes huge opportunity. So, wherever you join us, you’ll enjoy the freedom to dream up and deliver better, brighter solutions and you will have the space to move your career forward in many different areas/directions. IT at PMI PMI’s journey to a smoke-free future implies a shift from a tobacco manufacturer to a science and technology-based consumer facing organisation. Such a shift creates an abundance of unique and transformative IT projects to match all levels of skills and ambitions. You’ll feel like you’re working in a start-up – with the freedom to shape and define the future of digital, but with the support and scope of a vast global business. You’ll get a chance to work with cutting-edge technologies (e.g., Cloud, APIs, AI) as well as management practices (e.g., Agile, Design Thinking, Product Management). Our environment is fast-paced and highly collaborative. If you want the freedom to find new ways to connect with consumers, there’s no better place to progress your career. Digital at PMI is dynamic and diverse. Join us and become a part of a top talent team where you can bring new ideas to life in a global function that is a key driver of the success of our business. IT HUB Krakow With a team of over 300 and more than 20 nationalities, the IT HUB Krakow plays a critical role in creating a smoke-free future around the world. Become a part of a team of engineers, technicians, experts, IT freaks, researchers and innovators and create new IT work standards with us! Joining the OCDIO In IT, the Office of the Chief Digital & Information Officer (CDIO) is a small, nimble, expert team, composed of multiple sub streams. The team’s main purpose is to run the business of IT, lead the IT strategy & transformation and connect the dots across platforms on behalf of the CDIO. When you join this team, you will work closely with the IT leadership and get early-stage awareness of the PMI strategy evolution; aligning the IT/digital strategy to the last mentioned, looking after the function’s sourcing, project investment portfolio, communications, people learning and development; as well as HR & Financial tracking & planning partnerships. What’s the purpose of this role? The purpose of the “Manager Ways of Working – Digital Products” is to develop and continuously improve the Product organization operating model and framework and guide organizations through a transformation toward a product-based approach. Ensuring the implementation in our organizations, teams, and individuals in embracing agile practices and methods while instilling agile values and approaches. The goal is to foster more effective, clear, and cohesive teams. By coaching and guiding, the “Manager Ways of Working – Digital Products” enables teams to deliver better outcomes, solutions, and products/services for customers and users. This impact is crucial for achieving our business success. The role involves facilitating a culture shift within the IT organization and beyond. The Manager Ways of Working – Digital Products help teams and leaders align their activities with the defined strategy and overall objectives. Additionally, the role promotes continuous improvement by encouraging teams to reflect, learn, and adapt by addressing impediments, enhance collaboration, and drive self-organization. In summary, the “Manager Ways of Working – Digital Products” acts as a catalyst for positive change, fostering agility, alignment, and excellence in product development and delivery. JOIN US! WHO ARE WE LOOKING FOR? • Passion for Excellence and Continuous Improvement: A commitment to driving excellence and consistently seeking ways to enhance processes and outcomes • Active Listening and Observation: The ability to listen attentively, observe team dynamics, and understand the unique needs of different teams • Business Acumen: Strong leadership skills, inspire, empower, and build respect by demonstrating commitment, trustworthiness, positive attitude, self-motivation, integrity, and organisational skills. • Agile Methodology Knowledge: Familiarity with various agile methodologies (such as Scrum, Kanban and SAFe) and industry practices • Product Management Knowledge: Insights of Design Thinking, User centric mindset, Product Road mapping and Value Tracking • Facilitative Leadership Style: Emphasize collaboration, clarity, and empowerment • Strong Coaching Skills: Motivate and empower teams by providing constructive feedback, facilitating learning, and encouraging continuous growth. Ability in pragmatic facilitation skills and effective coaching approaches • Effective Virtual Team Collaboration: Proficiently working with geographically dispersed or remote teams, demonstrating excellent spoken and written English language skills Additionally, consider the following traits and knowledge areas: • Agile Principles and Practices: Understand the principles of agility and how to apply them optimally including roles and work definitions • Value Stream Mapping and Management: Knowledgeable about value stream concepts • Transformation Management: Understand models of change and communication management and how to navigate organizational transformations • Project Management: Be ready to "shift-gears/adapt" between Product and Project based scenarios and understand the needs and constraints of a hybrid environment • Risk Assessment and Mitigation: Identify risks specific to agile environments and develop strategies to address them • Technical Practices and Tools: A profound knowledge on tools like Atlassian toolset, Power-BI and AI and other related technical practices like Software development background can be beneficial WHAT WE OFFER YOU • Wide range of trainings, optional language classes, further education and professional qualification support possibility • Private medical and dental care, life insurance • Lunch card (Sodexo), Multisport & Cafeteria program • Hybrid model of work and flexible working arrangements • Employee pension plan • Free bike and car parking for all employees HOW WILL YOU MAKE HISTORY WITH US? • You are in a transformative role, a beacon of change that guides teams and leaders towards the adoption of Agile and Product Management practices to drive business outcomes and value. You are the architect of a culture of willingness and psychological safety, fostering an environment where innovation thrives • You work closely with product teams, groups, and portfolio offices, analysing existing systems and processes, identifying roadblocks and optimizations, and continuously improving them. They design strategies for adopting Agile and Product Management standard processes and fine-tune team approaches to align with the overall strategy. You communicate openly and in a structured way to your peers, teams, and senior leadership members • You stay on track with scaled Agile and Product Management techniques and develop self-organization by enhancing team autonomy and decision-making. You define and maintain the Product based / Agile Framework, ensuring that the organization is continuously able to improve product value with higher speed and quality • You mentor leaders, including Scrum Masters, product owners, managers, and senior leaders, guiding them in effective Agile leadership and Product Management practices and ensuring alignment between leadership behaviours and Agile principles • You are committed to continuous learn and improve. You stay informed about industry trends and emerging practices, encourage a growth mindset within the organization, and promote experimentation and adaptation. You contribute to sustained success by creating a metric framework to track improvement • This role is a journey, a commitment to fostering a culture of continuous improvement and learning. It’s about empowering teams, guiding leaders, and driving and communicate change. It’s about being the change you wish to see. Are you ready to embark on this journey? Are you ready to be the change? Where we See This Role Going • As we adopt agile and product management practices, your role will involve assisting and creating the environment to enable the analysis of engagement data and analytics to establish better product and organisational decisions • You will grow our agile mindset and become an integral component of our transformation strategy • You will get the chance to guide teams and promote the adoption of agile practices and product management skills within our organization • While we see this role expanding within the function and company, in general, we are looking for a clear willingness to learn new processes and technologies from day one that will be essential as we seek to remain agile and innovative Each person who sends the application will receive information about its status. #LI-Hybrid