The INKOMPASS internship

INKOMPASS is a global internship program offered by Philip Morris International. It enables you, the intern, to discover yourself and embark on a self-discovery journey by working on real business challenges in a culturally diverse workplace.

At INKOMPASS you get the opportunity to develop portable skills, enhance your CV and build your network. Become a part of a transformational journey to #MakeHistory.


INKOMPASS global internship programme


INKOMPASS: An internship with real impact
* This video clip lasts 1 min 42 secs.
* Instrumental music plays in background throughout the video.

Video title: ‘An Internship that will shape your career.’

A question appears on screen: “What is it like to be an INKOMPASS intern?”

*Matthias Pasbecq from Belgium is filmed sitting in an office as he talks to camera*:

Matthias says: “For me, it was all about working with people from different cultures, different countries, and I want to go to different cultures and discover different countries too…”

* The title ‘explore diversity’ appears across the screen

Matthias continues speaking: “So for me, it's a crucial aspect of the job, and I think it's also good to enrich…

* The title ‘get international exposure’ appears across the screen.

Matthias continues speaking: “…If you have a project and you see the different points of views from different countries with different rules, you can discover how you can get a better project.

* Nozuko Jukuzu from South Africa is filmed in an office as she talks to camera.

Nozuko says: “It has been a journey of self-development and also a journey of self-discovery as well.”

* The title ‘put theory into practice’ appears across the screen.

Nozuko continues speaking: “Because you come from university with such a lot of theory, and then you now get the opportunity to actually apply that into a real working environment doing real projects with real people.”

Maria Salunina from Russia is standing in front of a map in an office as she talks to camera.

Maria says: “I believe that my project is meaningful for the company…”

* The title “meaningful projects” appears across the screen.

Maria continues speaking: “Today my team handles the crucial changes of the operational model…” 

* The title “real challenges” appears across the screen.

Maria continues: “Many times I needed the approval not only from the team, but also from all Russian areas. So just imagine me meeting with 27 people and me giving recommendations to all of them. If someone had told me that it would be so, I would never believe in that, I would have said that it's a good joke.”

* The title “real impact” appears across the screen.
Maria continues speaking: “This project was of great interest to me, and it was meaningful not only for the company, but for me, personally. “

Ilya Ofitserov from Russia is filmed sitting at a desk while speaking. 

Ilya says: “I certainly developed various technical skills because these were mostly connected to my projects. These are the programming and business analytical skills.

* The title “learn portable skills” appears across the screen.

Ilya continues speaking: “Along with that, I also learned how to visualize that effectively because that was crucial for communicating the insights again from data. Finally, I learned how to organize the work with an agency.”

* The title ‘INKOMPASS, my internship journey’ appeared on screen.
Icons for Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and YouTube channels appear on screen.


Brand retail internship at Philip Morris International


Brand Retail Internship Brand Retail at PMI
*This video clip lasts 48 sec

The sentence ‘Describe your experience at PMI?’ appears on screen.

Alex, from Switzerland, Brand Retail Intern, is seen sitting in an office as he speaks to camera. He says: “Well, it's been a very positive and surprising experience so far. I mean, I've been here for two months and from day one, they, my team and my manager, they gave me a lot of responsibilities.”

* ‘Talent nurturing’ appears on screen *

Alex says: “So they treat me as a normal employee. Your future here at PMI is in your own hands, and it's up to you to really make use of it…”

* ‘Constant learning’ appears on the screen *

Alex says: “…and grow into the person you wanna become one day. So again, it's an awesome experience to be here. PMI is a very dynamic, very multicultural company.

* ‘Experiencing a multi-cultural environment’ appears on the screen *

Alex says: “You get to deal with a lot of different people with different personalities, and it's very exciting to deal with them on a daily basis.”

*Philip Morris International words and logo appears*
*PMI Careers website address*
*Icons for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Glassdoor and YouTube appears.*

EVOLV UK: Are you ready to shape the future?


EVOLV UK: Are you ready to shape the future?
*This video clip lasts 1min 37sec
*In this video, graduates and seasoned PMI employees describe how young talent helps drive them towards a smoke-free future.

Video shows a busy street in the centre of London. 
Alex Marshman, Commercial L&D Manager starts speaking from inside an office: “We were a traditional tobacco manufacturer, but we now have this long-term vision of a smoke free future.” 

Video shows young office workers in a bustling urban city. 

Peter Nixon, Managing Director of Philip Morris UK and Ireland, speaks with a backdrop of London behind him: “The company is looking to grow. We're looking to really change our industry, change the world with the product we’re bringing and to do that, we need talent for the future. And that's really what EVOLV UK is about.”

Video shows young people taking notes. 

Jasper Reid, EVOLV UK 2018 participant, starts speaking inside an office: “When I did a bit of research into Philip Morris and I learned a bit about the smoke-free future, to be at the forefront of that, to be a part of that is absolutely brilliant.”

Alex Marshman, Commercial L&D Manager starts speaking: “We need to inject new ideas. They're going to be the future of our business.”

Video shows young people walking down a street. 

Molly Thompson, EVOLV UK 2018 participant, says: “We're learning from all different sides of the business, so from finance to marketing to sales.”

Peter Nixon, Managing Director UK and Ireland, starts speaking: “Everybody's career’s a bit different. There's no one path. We want personality. What we're looking for is individuals. How did they approach life in terms of, are they open minded? Are they up for a challenge? Do they want to learn? Do they want to make a difference?”

Video shows young people laughing with Peter Nixon and a slow motion video of young people walking down the street. 

Suleyman Said, EVOLV UK 2018 participant, starts speaking: “You don't have to be something you're not. It doesn't feel like I have to change when I come through the doors.” 

Jasper Reid, EVOLV UK 2018 participant starts speaking: “The EVOLV UK program is really going to hone your professional skills. What we're essentially doing is having conversations with people. I think that's what I enjoy about working, it's what I enjoy about life, I like talking to people, learning about their stories. That's not even work, really. That's just a great thing to do, and that's what I’ve really enjoyed so far.”

Video shows a mixed group of young individuals walking confidently outside offices in a city. 

Peter Nixon, Managing Director UK and Ireland, starts speaking: “These are the types of people that we want to join the company.” 

PMI Logo appears with text: EVOLV UK, Graduate Accelerator by Philip Morris Limited. Transformation, Development, Innovation

New slide appears with text: Apply now:

Fantastic graduate, apprentice, and internship opportunities

Whether you’re leaving school or university, starting your career with PMI will put you in the right place at the right time. You’ll be part of a history-making business, helping us shake up the tobacco industry and changing society for the better.

At PMI globally, there’s a choice of many commercial graduate accelerator schemes or apprenticeships designed to foster your skills and fast-track your career. In the UK, you can apply for our EVOLV UK program. In Switzerland, you can join us as an intern.

Wherever you join us, you’ll see first-hand the amazing changes we’re making to our business. You’ll gain skills that will last you a lifetime—and help change lives. Click the link below to discover our current open vacancies.

“EVOLV UK gave me a panoramic view of PMI and helped me decide the career route I wanted to pursue.”

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