Transforming our Business

31 Jul 2019 · 3 min read
We aim to minimize the negative impact of cigarette use on public health, by replacing cigarettes with less-harmful alternatives. To this end, we have developed a portfolio of smoke-free products under the IQOS brand name, and are assessing their impact on the individual smoker, and the overall effect on public health with rigorous scientific methods.

Our research and development work aligns with international standards, and we are committed to transparently sharing our results as we progress. Seeking to provide men and women who will not quit with access to smoke-free products, we are re-allocating company resources from our cigarette business to the manufacturing and sales of smoke-free products. Our smoke-free products are not risk-free. They contain nicotine and are addictive.

In the first chapter of our 2018 Sustainability Report, you'll find information on how we address the health impact of our products through the development of scientifically substantiated smoke-free products. We talk further about what we do to provide access to such products to current adult smokers, product addictiveness, and our research and development.