Oğuz’s story

Oğuz is helping to build PMI’s future as a Manufacturing Manager in Izmir, Türkiye. Having worked in various departments in the company, Oğuz’s innovative spirit and strong commitment to being part of the solution helps us take the steps needed to make history.
Two employees in a PMI manufacturing facility.

How I’m making history

All over the world, things are constantly changing. You can either resist change, or you can choose to be a part of it. I believe that, with a positive, problem-solving attitude, you can make huge progress. Today, at PMI, that’s not just for me and my team—it’s also to improve the whole business for our customers. 

My career at PMI

I’m a line leader at a factory in Izmir, Türkiye. I’ve been with PMI for three years now. I love the energy and pace of my role here—I manage a team of great people and some complex machines, so I’m always busy, solving people’s issues or fixing time-critical mechanical problems.  My days are full of challenges, but I enjoy finding solutions—that’s what satisfies me. 

Anything’s possible…

Before moving to manufacturing, I was an analyst in product development, where I designed an innovative improvement for one of our products. When I presented my idea to 200 colleagues, they gave me a standing ovation—it was a great feeling!

PMI is very supportive. They’ve backed my idea at every step, and now it’s been patented, which is amazing. I’ve always felt encouraged by my local management team here in Turkey, as well as by the scientists and product designers at our science and innovation center (The Cube) in Switzerland. I’d love to find an opportunity to work there in future—I’m sure I will because, at PMI, everything feels possible. 

I like the fact that I’m encouraged to develop innovative ideas at PMI that are directly contributing to our future. It’s fantastic knowing you’re a part of this change.

Two employees in a PMI manufacturing facility.
I'm shaping the future—for myself and PMI.
Oğuz, Operations, Türkiye

How we’re stronger together

PMI encourages a team culture. As individuals, we can only achieve so much, but working closely together means we get better results, and it’s more fun, too. There are 900 people at our manufacturing site. There are lots of different sporting and social clubs you can join—so we can spend a relaxing time together outside of work. It really does feel like you’re part of a family here. 

Always learning. Always progressing.

At PMI, I’m not just working for the company. I’m also working towards an exciting future for myself. I know I have many opportunities to progress in different departments—even traveling to different countries. Or perhaps I will focus on new patents, who knows? My future is full of possibilities.