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What is IQOS VEEV?

IQOS VEEV is our next-generation e-vapor product that uses a new approach to vapor generation. Unlike IQOS heated tobacco products, IQOS VEEV uses IQOS VEEV MESH heating technologya metallic mesh with tiny holes to heat e-liquid in a pre-filled, pre-sealed pod (called VEEV). Along with pharmaceutical-grade nicotine, VEEV e-liquids also contain food-grade flavorings.

VEEV pods are manufactured, assembled, pre-filled, and pre-sealed in our European production facilities. IQOS VEEV also features puff-activated heating and a low-liquid-level detection system that ensures the consistency and quality of the vapor generated and inhaled.

IQOS VEEVInnovating e-vapor technology

The heating technology behind IQOS VEEV is a new approach to e-vapor generation.


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