Industry Value Chain

Understanding Our Global Business

Today, about 1.1 billion consumers smoke cigarettes and other combustible tobacco products. 

Our vision is to transform our business by manufacturing and selling smoke-free alternatives to replace cigarettes.

This bold change calls for an in-depth understanding of the entire value chain. That’s why we have developed a database with socio-economic data regarding our sector for all countries around the world – and we are making this information publicly available to anyone who may find it of interest. 

Below you can access information about each stage of the global tobacco value chain, and the full Tobacco and Nicotine Database. The Tobacco and Nicotine Database is based on publicly available sources, subscription-based resources and company information that we have collected and aggregated for your convenience.

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Tobacco Growing

15 million growers grow 5.8 million tons of tobacco on 3.3 million hectares.

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Thousands work in the curing and processing of tobacco leaves.

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1.6 million people manufacture 6 trillion cigarettes and 350 billion cigars/cigarillos.

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Suppliers & Distributive Trade

Tobacco products are sold in 14 million points of sales worldwide.

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Taxation & Illicit Trade

Excise and VAT taxes on tobacco yield USD 390 billion for governments, which would be higher if not for illicit trade.

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1.1 billion people smoke tobacco products, of them 860 million people smoke cigarettes.

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