PMI is looking for entrepreneurs to deliver innovation

17 Nov 2020 · 2 min read
PM Equity Partner is funding ideas and collaborating with startups to deliver a smoke-free future.
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The world is brimming with entrepreneurs that are leveraging their ideas to solve problems, create value, and disrupt society. Whilst making their brand “meaningful,” they’re also making their consumers smarter, and bringing them closer, as well as improving their personal outcomes.

At Philip Morris International (PMI), we are also transforming our company into an agile, consumer-centric business. We’re harnessing technological innovation to deliver science-backed better alternatives to cigarettes to millions of adult smokers around the world who would otherwise continue smoking.


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Our interest in technology and innovation is the reason we created PM Equity Partner (PMEP) in 2016. Our corporate venture capital arm is investing in companies that align with our science-centric technology-driven vision, because funding innovative startups and partnering with disruptive entrepreneurs sit at the core of our activity. And we are looking for new funding opportunities.

With the right support, a smart idea can grow and become a successful business model.

But PMEP is not only a long-term partner. We also help entrepreneurs strategize, steer partnerships, help with negotiations, and raise and utilize capital. We support our businesses with scientific substantiation, technical development, and marketing excellence.

Critically, we also ensure our business partners keep their autonomy, as this independence is what made them so fast and innovative in the first place.

With the right support, a smart idea can grow and become a successful business model.

PMEP currently has 11 investments—with partnerships that span the areas of life sciences, consumer engagement, industrial technologies, and product technologies.

One of our partners is BOW Group, a startup specializing in wearables, connected vehicles, and smart home products. Focusing on the Internet of Things, BOW Group is supporting PMI to deliver on its commitment of a consumer-centric ecosystem. PM Equity Partner is bringing people and businesses closer together, creating a mutually beneficial relationship for them to grow independently and organically.

“We are looking at startups,” says Alexander Stoeckel, Director of Venture Capital at PM Equity Partner, “because it’s good to have eyes and ears on the most relevant tech trends on the market right now. The goal is to leverage our global network and have a positive impact on consumers worldwide.”

Our company is changing. To help shape our future—and that of the world’s hundreds of millions of adults who smoke—we need the best forward-looking companies to partner up with us. If you think your company can help us with our smoke-free vision, please reach out to Alexander Stoeckel, Director of Venture Capital at PM Equity Partner.

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