Compliance and integrity

Discover our compliance and integrity program and explore our Guidebook for Success

Nothing is more important than our commitment to integrity – no financial objective, no marketing target, no effort to outdo the competition. No desire to please the boss outweighs that core commitment. Our commitment to integrity must always come first.
  • Louis C. Camilleri, former Chairman of the Board, Philip Morris International

Trust, collaboration, and integrity are the core values that embody our commitment to society, our shareholders, our business partners, and our colleagues. They guide us as individuals and collectively as a company. They are with us every day and everywhere. We honor this commitment regardless of the challenges and pressures we face in conducting our business. Acting with integrity, honesty, and in full compliance with the law and our own policies is indispensable in securing a prosperous future for PMI.

Our compliance and integrity program is led by our Chief Compliance Officer. As part of this program we:

  • train our employees on our Guidebook for Success and compliance standards
  • provide resources for our employees to speak up, ask questions, share ideas, or report concerns
  • investigate and act on reports of suspected compliance issues
  • evaluate progress and identify areas of risk and improvement
Guidebook for Success

Our Guidebook for Success is our code of conduct. It defines who we are and how we do business. Through the Guidebook, employees learn the legal and ethical responsibilities that apply to their jobs, which include upholding their commitment to each other to do what is right and report and correct what is not.

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