Heated tobacco products

Heating tobacco releases flavors and nicotine and allows adult smokers to enjoy tobacco without combustion.

Through intensive research and development, we have created breakthrough heated tobacco products, which do not burn the tobacco. Instead it heats it, using an electronically controlled heater.

E-vapor products

We have developed products without tobacco that produce a nicotine-containing vapor.

Instead of heating tobacco to release tobacco flavors and nicotine, the platform heats an e-liquid containing nicotine (extracted from tobacco leaves) and flavors with an electric heater to generate an e-vapor.

13.5 million*

The number of adult smokers who have switched to our IQOS HTP and stopped smoking.

Our current smoke-free product portfolio contains four platforms in different stages of development and commercialization.

PMI’s smoke-free products are currently available for sale in 70 markets in key cities or nationwide.

Discover our smoke-free products

Our IQOS portfolio currently includes heated tobacco and e-vapor products.

*As of September 30, 2022, PMI estimates that approximately 13.5 million adults around the world, excluding Russia and Ukraine, had already switched to IQOS and stopped smoking. IQOS user metrics reflect PMI estimates, which are based on consumer claims and sample-based statistical assessments with an average margin of error of +/-5% at a 95% Confidence Interval in key volume markets. The accuracy and reliability of IQOS user metrics may vary based on individual market maturity and availability of information.


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