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E-Vapor Products

We are developing the next generation of e-vapor technology

While heating tobacco is one possibility in developing alternatives to continued cigarette smoking, another approach is to produce a nicotine-containing aerosol without the use of tobacco. Our e-vapor products use nicotine that is extracted from tobacco leaves. These battery-powered devices – commonly known as e-cigarettes – vaporize a liquid solution containing nicotine and flavors.

We have now launched our next generation e-vapor product platform that we call IQOS MESH. The heating technology behind IQOS MESH is a completely new approach to e-vapor generation. It uses a metallic mesh punctured with tiny holes to heat a pre-filled, pre-sealed e-liquid cap (called VEEV) that contains nicotine and flavors. In each VEEV cap, there is a new MESH heater, eliminating the need to manually replace it. The consumer activates the heating process by pressing on a button. As the heater is in contact with the e-liquid in the cap, it heats the e-liquid to generate a nicotine-containing vapor.


Unlike typical e-cigarette cartridges, VEEV caps are manufactured, assembled, pre-filled, and pre-sealed in a fully automated process in our European production facilities. IQOS MESH also features puff-activated heating and a low-liquid level detection system that ensures the consistency and quality of the vapor generated and inhaled. 

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