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Creating a vapor with nicotine salt.
Scientist in a laboratory

Exploring new e-vapor products

We are also developing products inspired by technology that we acquired in 2011 from Professor Jed Rose of Duke University and his co-inventors. Professor Rose is director of the center for nicotine and smoking cessation at Duke University.

Our scientists continue to develop this technology that resembles the feel and ritual of smoking without tobacco and without burning. One of these products under development is called STEEM.

How does STEEM work?

Unlike an e-cigarette, this product generates a nicotine-containing vapor in the form of a nicotine salt.

When a consumer draws on the mouth piece, a chemical reaction between nicotine (a weak base) and a weak organic acid takes place to produce a vapor containing nicotine salt. The resulting highly water-soluble fine particles of the nicotine salt can then be easily inhaled by the consumer.