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Carbon heated tobacco product
Tins of Teeps

Heating tobacco through innovation

Through intensive research and development, we have created another heated tobacco product. It releases flavors and nicotine without combustion, but it heats the tobacco with a pressed carbon heat-source that is separate from the tobacco and, using patented HeatControl Technology, provides an effective and controlled temperature transfer to create a nicotine-containing vapor.

How does TEEPS work?

The carbon heat source at the end of TEEPS is ignited. This lights the carbon heat source, which supplies the energy used to heat, not burn, the tobacco.

Once the carbon heat source is lit, heat is transferred to a uniquely processed tobacco plug, designed for heating and not for smoking. The patented design of TEEPS prevents tobacco from burning. The consumer puffs on TEEPS to inhale a nicotine-containing vapor.

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