Our Commitment and Ongoing Focus

Respecting human rights is a critical element of doing business responsibly

Many may believe that a tobacco company shouldn’t even talk about human rights. However, the United Nations Guiding Principles on Human Rights (UNGP) recognize that businesses do have a role to play. We are no exception, nor do we want to be one. This would be ethically unacceptable to us and incompatible with our core values

We acknowledge that smoking is addictive and causes serious disease. But at a fundamental level, what about the men and women around the world who continue to smoke our cigarettes? 

Today, we can offer to all smokers a range of smoke-free products that are a better choice. And we’ve made it our core business strategy to replace cigarettes as quickly as possible with smoke-free alternatives. As we transform our company, our responsibility to respect human rights, however, remains the same. 

From the tobacco leaves in the fields all the way to packs for sale to consumers, we follow extensive regulatory controls, including many that are specific to our business. But central to our business model is respect for principles more fundamental than those in statutes and regulations. We continuously strive to improve our practices with respect for rights holders, the consumers, for our colleagues, workers in for our supply chain, and for the communities where we are present.

We invite you to read our PMI Human Rights Commitment and our Human Rights Roadmap, a document which sets out the key actions we plan to take across our business and value chain at PMI to ensure we deliver against our Commitment.



people living or working on farms that supply tobacco to PMI


employees of diverse backgrounds who come from every corner of the globe


suppliers across our entire value chain

Our Ongoing Focus

In addition to implementing our Human Rights Commitment, which sets out a more systematic rights-based approach in accordance with the U.N. Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, we are also active on a wide range of topics that relate to labor rights and human rights.

For more detailed information on our efforts, we invite you to read our Sustainability Report.


Supply Chain

Workplace Integrity


of employees covered by Collective Labor Agreements


of management positions held by women


Lost Time Injury Rate per 200,000 hours worked


fleet collision rate (vehicle collisions per million kilometers driven)

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