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Offer to Acquire Vectura Group PLC

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Why I joined PMI

By Dr Moira Gilchrist

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Cutting-edge research and technology
Problem with Burning arthigh

The problem with burning

Exploring the science behind combustion

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E-cigarettes and heated tobacco products: What’s the difference?

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Our commitments
The standards we uphold
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Marketing standards

It’s our responsibility to market our products responsibly

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Good conversion practices for PMI’s smoke-free products

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Leaders of Change
PMI’s thought leaders share their insights and expertise

Why we should be moving forward, not standing still

We must take heed of changing consumer behaviors and ideate right now to drive the progress required.

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Are you thinking like a scientist?

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How our people are leading PMI’s transformation

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What does our sustainable future look like?
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Why invest in PMI?

We've built the world’s most successful cigarette company. Now we’re building our future on smoke-free products that are much better choices.


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  • Press release 20 Jul, 2021

    Philip Morris International Inc. Reports 2021 Second-Quarter Reported Diluted EPS of $1.39—Including Charges for Saudi Arabia Customs Assessments and Exit Costs—and Adjusted Diluted EPS of $1.57, Reflecting Organic Growth of 17.8%

  • Press release 13 Jul, 2021

    Philip Morris International Inc. to Host Webcast of 2021 Second-Quarter Results

  • Press release 09 Jul, 2021

    Philip Morris International Inc. Announces Firm Offer to Acquire Vectura Group plc; Acquisition Accelerates PMI’s Beyond Nicotine Strategy and Expands its Product Pipeline Development Capabilities in Inhaled Therapeutics

  • Press release 01 Jul, 2021

    Philip Morris International Announces Agreement to Acquire Fertin Pharma

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