50 global sustainability leaders are working together to combat the climate crisis

16 Jan 2020 · 3 min read
PMI has been included in the 50 sustainability and climate leader’s project recognizing its ambitions and actions on climate change
50 climate leaders

Decisive action is needed to prevent the climate crisis from reaching a tipping point. And it’s only with the cooperation of all stakeholders – from governments to private companies – that we can effectively combat climate change. That is why Philip Morris International (PMI) is proud to be a part of the 50 Sustainability and Climate Leaders platform.

The platform serves as a response from the International Business Community to demonstrate their desire and commitment to take effective action in the fight against climate change. Through a documentary, the project will showcase how each business is providing leadership in its sector in the fight against climate change through effective leadership in: energy transition; climate finance and carbon pricing; industry transition; nature-based solutions; cities and local action; and resilience.

PMI’s inclusion is recognition of its transformation and how the company is responsibly managing its transition, as well as its impact on society and the environment. Its vision is aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and aims to contribute to making them a reality. For PMI, sustainability means creating long-term value while minimizing the negative externalities associated with its products, operations, and value chain.

Its Chief Sustainability Officer Huub Savelkouls said: “Corporations, both local and global, have a responsibility when it comes to creating lasting and meaningful change in order to ensure the sustainability of this world.” *

“Three years ago, PMI made a commitment to a future without cigarettes—a smoke-free future—and we are actively transforming our business to deliver on this promise as quickly as possible. Our smoke-free vision, and company’s purpose, is about creating a business that brings a positive societal change, and therefore, is much more sustainable,” said Savelkouls.

“It's easy to talk about transforming a company but how do you know whether it's real? I understand people are skeptical. That is why we have published our Business Transformation Metrics where everybody can see how we are reallocating resources towards new products and away from cigarettes.”

* Jennifer Motles succeeded Huub Savelkouls as Chief Sustainability Officer on November 1, 2020, following Mr. Savelkouls’ retirement from PMI.