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Manager Market Safety & Security

Manage Security & Market Safety organization and all related activities within an affiliate and act as the key contact and counselor to affiliate (commercial & manufacturing management) for Security & Market Safety issues and/or initiatives. Plan, implement, oversee and follow-up security & market/fleet safety programs' requirements in order to address and mitigate all security and safety risks to people and reputation. Minimize/prevent fleet related crashes, injuries, fatalities and security losses and property damage. Ensure that all risks mitigation plans and emergency response procedures are implemented, trained and kept up-dated in order to avoid business disruption, and to be in compliance with relevant local legislations, PMI Principles & Practice, standards, procedures and guidelines. Accountabilities include: Leadership & Management Lead the local Security & Market Safety organization, and oversee the Corporate strategy and objectives execution. Manage the local Security & Market Safety organization; cascade Corporate objectives, set personal objectives. Perform MAP Mid-year and Annual Performance Review. Ensure the local Security & Market Safety organization has the right skills, and has received sufficient training to perform their job. Develop the skills and capabilities of direct reports through regular coaching and mentoring, to raise the necessary skills and knowledge in the affiliate Security & Market Safety organization. Business Alignment & Visibility Evaluate emerging business and operational models for potential Security & Market Safety risk exposure and gaps; highlight risks/exposures with affiliate management, the Senior Manager, Security & Market Safety, and other Security & Market Safety stakeholders. Identify and solve Security & Market Safety issues within the affiliate. Maintain situational awareness of the country, including external and internal risk exposure and road accident trends, to inform business decision-making processes. Maintain regular liaison with affiliate (commercial & manufacturing) management, other stakeholders, and functional peers to align Security & Market Safety strategies and service levels with affiliate strategy and objectives. Engage with all employees up to senior leadership team to create ownership for fleet safety programs; engage with Sales department, working tool and benefit cars drivers in program development, to ensure that the fleet safety standards are understood and adhered to. Program Delivery Perform/conduct functional security and market/fleet safety risk assessments and reviews at the affiliate level; identify and address risks and non-conformities. Respond to and report Security & Market Safety incidents as per Program requirements. Conduct root cause analyses and security- or safety-related investigations, and implement/validate corrective action measures. Oversee implementation of PMI market and fleet safety strategies and best practices in assigned markets. Implement a local fleet safety program based on Company's Fleet Safety standard and continuously seek for improvements in order to protect people from injury and fleet damages. Perform/conduct yearly health checks to ensure that local business is fully compliant with PMI Security & Market Safety and local safety regulatory requirements. Develop, implement, trained and keep updated protective measures, contingency plans and emergency response procedures. Training Plan, organize and deliver security, market safety and fleet safety training programs as per PMI and local regulatory requirements to all local staff, in order to build a robust and sustainable Security & Market Safety culture within the market/affiliate. Provide expert support to local management on tactical and practical emergency response management. Ensure relevant communication is established with employees at regular functional meetings, including security/safety briefs, alerts, instructions and refreshers. Introduce and keep up-to-date training records as per PMI requirements and applicable OHS and Fleet Safety legislation. Organize and deliver bespoke training (defensive driving, etc.) to ensure that Company's drivers are equipped with the necessary skills and competencies. Budget & Cost management Perform annual "Zero Based Budget", and provide inputs to OB central revisions. Ensure effective budget management by implementing proper planning, analysis, and monitoring spending on regular basis. Encourage the team to generate productivity and cost reduction initiatives. Performance and Reporting Ensure timeliness and accuracy of Security & Market Safety-related incident and events reporting requirements. Review/consolidate related metrics and KPI, to provide focused and detailed reports; escalate trends and critical issues to appropriate levels of management Vehicle selection process Provide guidance and requirements to the vehicle selection process, by implementing fleet safety minimum requirements, in order to ensure that the correct standard of vehicles are procured in line with PMI Fleet Safety requirements. Third Party Service Providers Select, appoint and manage local third party service providers in conjunction with procurement and Senior or Cluster Security & Market Safety Manager. Ensure third party service provider's performance consistently meet all PMI requirements and standards, by developing a comprehensive KPI measurement and monitoring system, regular performance review, and effective reward/penalty mechanism, while at the same time maintaining effective coordination.
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