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A. Accountability 1. Monitor shipment and arrival Core responsibility is to Monitor, Control and Coordinate shipments and delivery to market warehouse. i. Review daily/monthly/weekly import shipment plan to ensure shipments are not diverted or delayed. ii. Coordinate with Planning (Leaf/DIM) and Procurement on critical for release to ensure availability of materials for production. iii. Coordinate shipment with Affiliate, Supplier, Carrier, Forwarder, Government, etc. to make sure shipping/delivery issues are addressed properly and on a timely basis to minimize delay and costs for the company. 2. Ensure proper documentation and timely release of payment Prepares all requirements necessary to perform customs clearance procedure upon arrival such as but not limited to the independent computation of customs Duties and Taxes and overseeing overall compliance as to documentation, accuracy and timeliness. i. Monitor on-time arrival of complete and correct set of shipping documents for the release of materials. ii. Effectively check full set of required documents to ensure proper and timely payment in accordance to purchase condition. iii. Verify billings and payment request of brokers, shipping lines, etc. and ensure on time transmittal for payment. 3. Support in the formulation of new shipping procedures and improvement of current process to ensure internal and external quality service. i. Issue precise and timely shipping instructions to all concerned parties to guarantee timely availability of goods and materials (including tobaccos, non-tobacco materials, spare parts, etc.) ii. Drives customer centricity by ensuring shipping procedures are up-to-date and operating efficiently according to market needs. iii. Provides timely actionable solutions to resolve issues that risk market delivery iv. Propose and contributes to productivity and process efficiency to uphold value to customer while maintaining EHS and Quality standard procedures. 4. Ensure absolute adherence to C-15, PMPMI policies and government laws and regulations Maintain adherence to government requirement and performs regular risk and control assessment as per Chart of Control i. Check computation of duties and taxes for correct classification and valuation of declaration. ii. Ensure that payments of all fees are correct and paid promptly (duties and taxes, customs charges, excise taxes, etc.) iii. Prepare and check all the required letters and government permits to avoid non-compliance issue. iv. Ensure that all withdrawals from CBW are approved and corresponding duties are paid prior to local production use and/or disposal. 5. Maintenance of Key Performance Indicators / Reports i. Prepare department reports and all required data (regular or adhoc). ii. Support business requirements relating to Tax and Compliance reporting iii. Maintains KPI measures with business partners such as carrier and LSPs. 6. Support other departments requirements i. Assist Treasury in RGI requirements ii. Provide costing of materials to Factory Finance for new materials or for product development. iii. Coordinate with warehouse priority shipments for Goods Receipt and space availability. iv. Assist in shipping condition set-up 7. Participate in seminars, trainings, etc. on customs and international trade related matters to enhance knowledge on the business. i. Share to the group whatever is learned from trainings and seminars. 8. Support and apply EHS policy i. Maintain a safe work environment and adhere to agreed housekeeping and cleaning standard and procedures