At Philip Morris International (PMI), we are delivering scientifically substantiated, better alternatives to the around 28 million adult smokers in the U.S. who have not quit.

Delivering better alternatives

Through technology, we’re creating better alternatives to replace cigarettes.

PMI has invested over USD 12.5 billion in science-backed innovation to help adult smokers quit traditional cigarettes for good. Thanks to the inventiveness and perseverance of our scientists and thousands of others at PMI, 13 of the 16 total FDA Modified Risk Grant Orders in the U.S. were granted to our company’s smoke-free products.

Stacey Kennedy, President, Americas Region and CEO of PMI's U.S. business

We’re putting our money where our mouth is to deliver on our mission to end smoking across the nation with products that are smoke-free and enjoyable.

Stacey Kennedy, President, Americas and CEO of PMI’s U.S. Business
Diversity in science

The U.S. can be smoke-free

We provide better alternatives to current adult smokers. We know that the best decision is to stop smoking completely. But the fact is, every year, fewer than one in 10 adult smokers succeeds in quitting.

Around 28 million Americans deserve better, scientifically substantiated alternatives to combustible cigarettes. We are committed to help end smoking across the nation, but we cannot do it alone. Together, with the right mix of government leadership and industry integrity, we can work together to end smoking.

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Corporate governance

We work hard to integrate sustainability into every aspect of our business. That includes underage access prevention.
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Our people and culture

At PMI, we are more than a workforce. We are united in our mission to improve public health. This requires endless resolve and innovation from every employee. Our purpose, drive, and commitment from—and to—every person on our team, makes PMI a unique place to work.
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Clearing the air around nicotine

What the approximately 28 million adult smokers in the United States and their physicians must know about nicotine.

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Careers in the U.S.

Explore our latest job openings and join us in our mission to create a smoke-free future.

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Responsibility in action

Learn about our commitment to ethical marketing, underage access prevention, and sustainability.

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