We will act responsibly in our drive to create a smoke-free future

We’ve set out a bold vision for PMI, but it is critical that both our own employees and any third-party suppliers and partners we work with respect our views and standards in the pursuit of that goal. Ultimately, it’s not what we say we will do to deliver a smoke-free future, but how we do it, which matters.

Our vision for a smoke-free future


Jacek Olczak, CEO, Philip Morris International

Our views and standards govern the way we do business, and how we communicate with all stakeholders, and include:

  • Our commonsense approach to regulation, which should continue to dissuade people from starting to smoke and encourage cessation, whilst recognizing the importance and differentiation of smoke-free products for those adults who would otherwise continue smoking.
  • The firm stance we take on underage tobacco and nicotine use, and our commitment to responsible marketing practices.
  • Our position on the health effects of smoking, including secondhand smoke.
  • Our commitment to compliance and integrity, including our Guidebook for Success, which outlines the ethical responsibilities our employees are bound by.
  • The marketing standards we set ourselves, which in many places are higher than those of some governments.
  • Our comprehensive and robust approach to scientific research, which has already produced more than 500 publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals. 
  • The transparent way in which we operate as a business, including disclosing our lobbying, our political contributions, and our participation in business and trade associations.

Acting according to these views, and consistently operating to the highest standards, will continue to be integral to our mission to deliver a smoke-free future.