What is Projects with a Heart?

Projects with a Heart (PwH) is a global grassroots movement established and run by employees, and endorsed by PMI. Its internal platform enables all willing employees to donate their time and skills to benefit people in need.

It is a 100 percent voluntary and independent charitable association. PwH aims to make the world a better place by creating a digital bridge that connects those who need help with those who want to help—without anyone in between.

Supported by a network of over 100 volunteering ambassadors across the globe, PwH is proving that companies don’t change the world—people do.

Spain: Arepas for Madrid



Lebanon: Beirut blast relief



Pakistan: Helping a small business



How did Projects with a Heart start?

In 2017, one of the first projects was purchasing a bus for the children at the Little Saints’ Orphanage in Lagos, Nigeria. One thousand employees from 60 countries raised the money in three weeks. This project resulted in cutting out a three-hour daily walk to school and back for 52 orphans.

In November 2018, Projects with a Heart became officially registered as a charitable association.

How does Projects with a Heart work?

  • Any PMI employee can submit a project aimed at helping someone in need (e.g., of food, water, housing, clothing, health, education, care and support, etc).
  • Once the project is submitted and published on the internal PwH platform, colleagues can support, vote, contribute, or volunteer for it. If the cause gathers the necessary amount of votes, the project owner can proceed with its execution.
  • Employees can then help by donating time, money, or skills to complete the project.

Is PMI involved as a company?

While a majority of the projects are smaller-scale, local, and employee-driven, there are also bigger global campaigns where PwH infrastructure is put to use to fundraise for a larger cause. PwH has led fundraising drives following earthquakes, floods, the COVID-19 pandemic, and other large-scale disasters. These bigger campaigns have seen Philip Morris International match or supplement PwH fundraising with a company donation.

PMI also encourages employees’ charitable behavior by granting volunteer leave to those who ask for it.


Key moments for Projects with a Heart


Little Saints’ Orphanage bus


Earthquake in Palu, Indonesia


Projects with a Heart officially established


Mozambique cyclone


COVID-19 pandemic


Beirut explosion


Croatia earthquake


Golden Steps School

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