PMI is committed to treating all individuals in a fair, equitable, and impartial way, based solely on their skills, knowledge, and abilities. We recognize that to foster a truly equitable workplace, we must focus on equity holistically.

Our company is committed to equal opportunity and non-discrimination to ensure we identify, and address equity issues associated with all diversity dimensions, both visible and invisible.

Improving gender diversity is a key area of focus for enhancing our equity.

We have made significant progress on gender equity, both in terms of representation and pay at PMI. We previously aimed to have at least 40 percent female representation in management by the end of 2022; we are proud to have surpassed that target in May of that year. We now aspire to have at least 35 percent women in senior roles by the end of 2025while maintaining a minimum of 40 percent female representation globally in management positions in most of our business functions and regions.  

In 2019, we became the first multinational company to receive the global EQUAL-SALARY certification by the independent not-for-profit EQUAL-SALARY Foundation. The certification confirms that we pay men and women equally for equal work everywhere PMI operates in the world, covering more than 90 countries. In May 2022, it was confirmed that we had passed audits in 2020 and 2021 and are therefore the first company to be global EQUAL-SALARY re-certified.

We offer our talented women the opportunity to participate in a custom-designed “Women in Leadership” program, focused on giving participants the time and support to reflect on personal aspirations and purpose, to expand their network and connections across the company, and increase visibility and connection with senior leadership. To date, over 170 talented women have taken part in the program since its launch in 2021. The program is complementary to our more general leadership and technical/functional skills development offerings for all genders.

We also have an employee resource group (Women’s Inspiration Network) aiming to inspire and empower women to advance their skills, expand their network, and discover their full potential. As with all other employee resource groups, Women’s Inspiration Network is open to every employee willing to support making PMI a great place for women to work and build their career.

Finally, we are proud to be named in the Bloomberg Gender-Equity Index (GEI) for three consecutive years. This is an important recognition of our continuous efforts to improve gender equality globally and showcases our transparency in gender reporting and our efforts to drive equal opportunities for all our employees. Please find here our disclosure for the 2024 GEI.

View the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI)

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