At PMI, we want to create an environment where each employee feels like they belong and can bring their true, unique self to work. Supporting LGBTQ+ inclusion within our workforce is one of the ways in which we can create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive PMI workplace.

As well as being a Global Diversity Champion member of Stonewall, PMI has organically developed a global network of employee groups, spanning 28 countries. Last year, the STRIPES Global Employee Resource Group (ERG) was formalized to act as an umbrella group offering support, guidance, and resources to the affiliate groups along with the alignment of the brand STRIPES.  



PMI Pride


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Since its formation, STRIPES has offered a space for employees around the world to come together, share experiences, and support each other. Furthermore, STRIPES aims to expand its network across all ERGs to support intersectionality. Together with Embrace, WIN, and PMI Able, we strive for equality across the board and work towards education and representation throughout the workforce.

In 2021, we ran several activities to achieve this goal. We hosted several intersectional speaking events and ran allyship training. We are in the process of creating toolkits for further education and sensitivity training.


Pride month to me means celebrating the beauty of being yourself and reinforcing discussions about respect. It is also about continuously reflecting on our own privileges and biases to help create an environment where everyone can feel comfortable to be themselves.

Guilherme Klein, Head of External Communication, People & Culture, U.K.


Pride month has always been about remembering the struggles of the past, continuing the fight for equality today, and helping build a better future where we can be our true selves without discrimination. It is a reminder that we can live vastly different lives and co-exist on the basis of mutual respect.

Friedrich Alidair Sarigumba, Global Mobility Business Partner, U.K.


Pride month is an opportunity for us to remember that diversity makes us stronger only when we are inclusive and treat each other with equal respect, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.

Naresh Chandra, Manager, Learning, Leadership & Culture, People & Culture, Canada

Allyship is allowing the underrepresented people to place their vulnerabilities in you because they trust that you are a voice that could amplify theirs to take down systems that deprive them of basic rights. First, recognize the fact that you have privileges that others don't have. Second, educate yourself to better advocate for and with them. Third, start through small actions with big impact.

Lynx Manalo, Total Rewards Sr. Specialist Operations, The Philippines


At PMI, we are committed to addressing and nurturing the broadest definition of diversity as a way to deliver winning business and employee engagement. Pride month is an occasion for all of us to celebrate the joy and the freedom of being ourselves without any bias.

Stefano Volpetti, President, Smoke-Free Inhaled Products & Chief Consumer Officer, Switzerland


For me, Pride month is an opportunity to celebrate authenticity, freedom, and the right to be yourself—without discrimination. It’s a chance for everyone, from all walks of life, to reflect on what it means to be truly accepting of others and the positive effect that this can have both inside organizations and in the world.

Donnica Hawes-Saunders, Sr. Manager, Strategic Partnerships & Civil Engagement, U.S.

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