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Human Rights

The Fight Against Human Trafficking

Taking a stand against modern-day slavery requires a joint effort by companies, nonprofits, and governments

As forced labor touches nearly every supply chain, all companies can play their part in helping to address this global problem which impacts an estimated 46 million people today.

We believe that the eradication of modern-day slavery requires companies to proactively include prevention as an integral part of the way they do business, from hiring to sourcing to measuring success.

Since 2015 we have been partnering with the Mekong Club to strengthen our expertise to identify risks in our supply chain and find sustainable solutions.

In 2015 PMI signed a global partnership agreement with the Mekong Club

The Mekong Club helps companies prevent and fight modern-day slavery by identifying and addressing potential vulnerabilities and gaps within their supply chains.

Our partnership with the Mekong Club is helping to expand their efforts to thwart human trafficking trough technical advisory services, training, and industry-specific working groups. The main objectives are to establish sector-specific priority risk areas, exchange best practices, and implement corporate internal guidelines and codes of conduct.

The Mekong Club is honored to partner with Philip Morris International to help raise awareness and put in place a proactive, private-sector response to address this crime against humanity. The business world has the experience, innovation, and resources to play a leadership role in helping to end human slavery.
  • Matt Friedman, Chief Executive Officer, the Mekong Club
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